Students must be advanced to candidacy in a timely manner.  This becomes a serious issue if a student delays internship application for two years.  This means that if a student has not been advanced by the end of the spring quarter of the fifth year, UC San Diego will block future enrollment.  The UC San Diego Graduate Division considers a student at this point in his/her career to have been in the program long enough to be advanced.

Please do not put completion of the program at risk by failing to meet this deadline.

Requirements for this step include:

  1. Satisfactory completion of all coursework, including remediation of all grades below a B.
  2. Completion of Second Year Project (See Second Year Project Guidelines).
  3. A passing score on all comprehensive exams.
  4. The dissertation committee nominated and approved.  JDP-2 Form is to be used for this purpose and must be completed and processed before the proposal can be defended.  Remember that both directors and graduate deans must approve it.  After initial approval, any committee membership changes require that JDP-4 Form be completed and processed.  Please keep in mind that it takes time to circulate these forms to both universities.  It is recommended that 4 – 6 weeks be allowed for this to be completed.
  5. Successful completion of the oral defense of the dissertation proposal.
  6. Joint Doctoral Program JDP-3 Form completed and processed.
  7. Students will sign waivers that 1) grant permission for the JDP faculty to discuss all their qualifications with internship placement sites and 2) state that the student understands that the Clinical Internship must be satisfactorily completed before graduation.

NOTE:  #5 above can be done immediately after #2; students do not have to complete all comprehensive exams first.

UC San Diego Academic Senate regulations state that there must be at least three quarters of academic residency between advancement to candidacy and completion of the Ph.D.  This means that the defense of the dissertation may not occur immediately following the defense of the dissertation proposal, (i.e., three quarters must elapse between the two).  This should not pose a problem for most students as 1) students will have to meet the requirements for advancement to candidacy prior to internship application and 2) UC San Diego will not accept the final dissertation copy more than one quarter prior to completing all requirements.  Please keep this in mind so as not delay the final completion date.

No student will be allowed to apply to any internship unless all of the above requirements, including filing the Advancement to Candidacy JDP-3 Form are completed by October 15th of the year the student applies for internship. That means that all of the above must be completed, including having obtained all the necessary and required signatures, before October 15th.


Advancement to Candidacy Fee

The JDP will reimburse all students for the Advancement to Candidacy Fee ($50), required by UC San Diego in order to Advance to Candidacy.

How to Get Reimbursed for the Advancement to Candidacy Fee

Updated 2/11/2020