Please read through the ENTIRE Dissertation Manual listed below starting with Step 1.  There is a lot of information but many important details that you will need to know!

Steps to Take: From Nominating Your Committee to Submitting Your Final Dissertation

Step 1: Nominate Your Dissertation Committee

Step 2: Dissertation Proposal

  • Dissertation Expectations (including the 3-Paper Dissertation Option)
  • Guidelines for Preparing the Dissertation Proposal Document
  • Dissertation Proposal Defense
  • Dissertation Proposal Defense Announcement
  • Getting Your Announcement Approved
  • Processing the JDP-3 Form

Step 3: IRB Approval

Step 4: Writing the Dissertation

  • Dissertation Formatting
  • Preliminary Appointment with UC San Diego’s Graduate Division

Step 5: Final Dissertation Defense

  • Final Dissertation Defense Announcement
  • Getting Your Announcement Approved
  • Final Dissertation Defense
  • Processing the JDP-5 Form

Step 6: Dissertation Submission Guidelines

  • Filing Dissertation at UC San Diego
  • Important Deadlines
  • Submitting Dissertation to JDP
  • Filing Dissertation at SDSU

Update 10/23/2020