Report of the Final Examination and Filing of the Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

This form must be initiated online through Adobe Sign (by the SDSU Program Coordinator) and signed by each committee member indicating whether or not the final dissertation defense has been passed.

Steps to Complete the JDP-5 Form:

  1. To initiate the JDP-5 Form, send an email following the steps outlined below:
    • To: JDP Program Coordinators
    • Cc: Your Dissertation Chair & Co-Chair (if applicable)
    • Subject: Dissertation Defense Passed
    • Email Body: I have successfully defended my dissertation, titled [Dissertation Title] on [Defense Date (mm/dd/yyyy)].
  2. The SDSU Program Coordinator will initiate the online JDP-5 Form through Adobe Sign to be routed for signatures by your dissertation committee and will email all committee members once the JDP-5 Form has been sent.
  3. Once all the committee members have signed this form, it will be routed to the SDSU Program Coordinator to verify that you have completed all program requirements, including your 1-year accredited internship.
  4. When all program requirements have been completed, the SDSU Program Coordinator will route the JDP-5 Form to the Co-Directors, and Graduate Office/Division contacts at both schools.
  5. The JDP-5 Form must be signed by both JDP Co-Directors prior to your final meeting with Sara Miceli in UC San Diego Graduate Division.

Please refer to the Dissertation Submission Guidelines webpage for a complete list of steps and deadlines required to graduate.

Updated 9/08/2021