Psy 896 (Clinical Practicum) is always taken for a letter grade. During the second year, students will register for 3 units of Psy 896 with each supervisor and 1 unit of Psy 896 with the Clinic Director.

After the second year, students will continue to register for Psy 896 (Clinical Practicum) regardless of where the third year and beyond practicum is being completed.

The Clinic Director/Practicum Coordinator will communicate with each practicum supervisor twice a year to obtain: 1) verification of each student’s hours; 2) completion of the Practicum Competency Evaluation Form  (based on location of the practicum). This form must be reviewed with each student and signed off by both the supervisor and the student; and 3) the appropriate letter grade to give the student. As with all other courses, a grade of at least a B must be earned or the student will be deemed to have failed the course. Students who fail practicum will be immediately brought to the attention of the Co-Directors and the Practicum Committee. A remediation plan will be developed by the student’s Guidance Committee and the Co-Directors, with input from the supervisor and the Practicum Committee, as appropriate.