Documenting Practicum Experience

The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) website provides important information regarding the documenting of practicum experiences and the internship process. Students should become familiar with this information before actually beginning practicum. It is necessary to document hours on a weekly basis, as each practicum is done, rather than trying to reconstruct it later.

Counting Clinical Hours Towards Internship

The program has an institutional membership to Time2Track ( that is provided for students to track practicum hours. Time2Track accounts are provided to students upon enrollment in the JDP; the provided account will be active through the end of the student’s fifth year in the program.

In general, to count clinical hours toward the APPIC internship application these hours must be supervised by a licensed psychologist with a faculty appointment at either SDSU or UC San Diego who is affiliated with the JDP. Supervisors must be in good standing both with the licensure board and the academic institution of their faculty appointment.

Vertical/umbrella supervision is permitted (e.g. by a postdoc who is supervised by one of our faculty).

Integrated Reports

The APPIC definition of an integrated psychological testing report is a report that includes a review of history, results of an interview and at least two psychological tests from one or more of the following categories: personality measures, intellectual tests, cognitive tests, and neuropsychological tests. This does not include reports written from an interview that is only history-taking, a clinical interview, and/or only the completion of behavioral rating forms, where no additional psychological tests are administered.

We have developed the Integrated Report Checklist and recommend that all students and supervisors review and complete this checklist prior to beginning an assessment to ensure that the assessment will meet the Integrated Report criteria. If there is a question, please send the checklist to Colby Chlebowski, JDP practicum coordinator, for review or consult.

Integrated Report Checklist – Please use this form to ensure that your planned assessment meets the APPIC criteria for an Integrated Report.