Guidelines for Use of the JDP Forms

When completing each form the order of signatures proceeds in order down the page, left to right.  For example, the UC San Diego dean will not sign until everything else has been properly filled out, other signatures obtained, any fees paid, dissertation copies submitted, etc. Allow sufficient time for this to occur. To obtain either Co-Director’s signatures, you can contact them directly or leave the forms with the corresponding program coordinator.  Bringing the form by in person is by far the quickest way, and will ensure that nothing gets lost or delayed in the mail.

Note: the SDSU dean’s signature must come before the UC San Diego dean signs.  The UC San Diego dean’s signature is the last thing on each form.  If a student submits a form to the Graduate Division for the UC San Diego dean’s signature before the rest of the form is complete, the Graduate Division will send it back to the SDSU JDP office resulting in a delay.

Downloadable forms can be obtained by clicking on the form name below:

JDP-1:   This is the form a student signs shortly after acceptance to the program.  It indicates the student’s intent to enroll in the program and is not included in the manual.

JDP-2:  This form is for the nomination of the dissertation committee.  It must be approved and signed by the co-directors as well as both graduate division deans.  The committee must be approved before a dissertation proposal can be defendedCommittee signatures are not required on this form.

JDP-3:  This is the form taken to the defense of the dissertation proposal.  It must be signed by the committee and each member indicates whether or not the defense has been passed.

JDP-4: This form is to be used ONLY if there is a change in the dissertation committee after JDP- 2 has already been approved.  Simply adding a name or substituting someone on the JDP-2 is NOT acceptable.  Students must go through the entire approval process a second time.

JDP-5: This is the form taken to the final defense of the dissertation.  Again, all members of the committee must sign indicating whether or not the defense was passed.   This form must be taken when submitting the final copies of the dissertation so that the various departments at both universities can sign it off.

Please keep in mind the following:

It is the student’s responsibility to be sure the originals of these forms are completed for the various steps in the process.  In most cases, copies or faxes are not acceptable, especially for forms 3 and 5.

In recent years, we have had several students who either forgot to take the proper form to a defense for committee signatures, or who lost the form later and had to start the signature process from the beginning.  Although this is a time-consuming aggravation for the student the graduate divisions require the original forms.

Make it a point to file these forms in a place that is safe and easy to remember.  If a form is lost, do not wait until the last minute to get signatures again.  Professors may be out of town, on sabbatical, or any number of other difficulties may arise that preclude completing the process on time.  It could very easily delay being advanced to candidacy (i.e., applying to internships) or graduation.  It is not the responsibility of the staff of either university to do this for the student.  Keep up with the process and do not put graduation at risk.

If anything needs to be clarified about the forms or the process, please call one of the Program Coordinators before doing anything.  Time may be lost if incorrect assumptions are made or if there are attempts to circumvent the process.