All students in the program are matched with a JDP faculty mentor. The faculty mentor has primary responsibility for assuring that the student’s tuition and fees, annual compensation, and health insurance are covered each year. Students also have access to various opportunities for additional funding, including fellowships and assistantships at both campuses. Additionally, when possible, the JDP has made an effort to provide additional support to our students by providing incentive awards and by covering some of the extra costs our students incur throughout their time in the program. See below for a breakdown of each component that contributes to the overall financial support package available to each JDP student.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are covered by the program through a combination of resources for up to 5 years in residence, and during the internship year. If a student must enroll to defend their dissertation after the completion of their internship, the student is responsible for paying the tuition charges, not the program. The program does not guarantee coverage of tuition and fees for more than 5 years in residence (pre-internship). Also, the program does not cover separate tuition and fee costs for elective summer courses (there is no required JDP coursework in the summer session).

It is required that students who are eligible (i.e., who are U.S. citizens or hold permanent U.S. resident status) apply to become legal California residents after the first year in the program; all students must meet requirements at both SDSU and UC San Diego for this to be approved. Failure to apply for reclassification as a resident will result in the student being charged with the non-resident (or per-unit) portion of the SDSU or UC San Diego tuition and fees.

Annual Stipend

Effective Fall 2024, the JDP anticipates that the minimum compensation for incoming students will be $34,564.50.

Health Insurance

All JDP students are required to carry health insurance.

The JDP requires that mentors provide health insurance. Depending on your appointment, health insurance may be included as a benefit, or you may be provided with sufficient funds to purchase health insurance. There are a variety of ways the requirement to provide you with health insurance can be met, and you have a right to know how your coverage will occur. Make sure your mentor discusses with you how your health insurance will be provided for the upcoming academic year. Students who have coverage from other sources (e.g., through a family member) should notify the JDP Program Coordinators. 

Fellowships & Assistantships

There are a number of Fellowships offered through both SDSU and UC San Diego that our students may apply for. There are also external fellowships (e.g., through NIH or NSF). 

We also give our students (who are in their 3rd year and above) opportunities to either TA or teach a course or courses. This typically provides a supplemental source of funding, and students who are interested should consult with their faculty mentors and the JDP Co-Directors.  

JDP Incentive Awards

All currently enrolled JDP students are eligible to receive the following JDP Incentive Awards:

  • JDP 1st Author Publication Award ($100 each paper) – The JDP Publication Award will present students with a $100 supplemental stipend for each 1st author paper accepted/published in a peer-reviewed journal while enrolled in our JDP.  
  • JDP Grant Submission Award ($100 each submission) – The JDP Grant Submission Award will reward students with a $100 supplemental stipend each time they submit (first submission only) a major grant proposal that will fund them for at least one year in the program (F31, NSF, Private Foundation, etc.). Students must submit the grant while enrolled in our JDP.  

Additional Program Support

The JDP reimburses students for the following program-related requirements:

  • Advancement to Candidacy Fee ($50) – Required by UC San Diego in order to Advance to Candidacy
  • Internship Match & Application Fees ($660 for the 2023-2024 academic year) – Covers the APPIC Match Fee required when applying for internship as well as up to 15 internship applications. 
  • PhD Graduation Application Fee ($103) – Required by SDSU in order to apply to graduate.

Updated 8/03/2023