Continuous Enrollment

Every student must enroll (sign up for at least 6 units of coursework) at both institutions, each semester and each quarter. It does not matter if student fees are paid at SDSU or UC San Diego, all JDP students still must enroll at both SDSU and UC San Diego continuously or else they will be dropped from the system.

Students who wish to enroll for (or take) classes over the summer must pay for these themselves; the program does not cover summer tuition.


Classes/Sample Curriculum

Refer to the classes/sample curriculum page on our website if you are unsure what to register for.


How to Register

SDSU Registration:

  1. Login to your my.SDSU account using your SDSUid and Password
  2. Please refer to the my.SDSU Student Registration Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to add classes to your shopping cart and register.

UC San Diego Registration:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “My TritonLink” & sign in using PID and password
  3. Under the “Classes & Enrollment” tab, select WebReg
  4. The default “Current Quarter YYYY” and “Graduate” shows up. Click submit
  5. Click “Find a Section”
  6. Scroll down to “CLIN – Clinical Psychology” and click on courses # 200-297
  7. Here you will find the list of courses

Please make sure to register for CLIN 296 (not PSY 296), Independent Study under the UC San Diego JDP Co-Director.


Holds and Fee Payments

Remember to enroll on time, every semester and quarter (except for summer), and make sure ALL fees or other holds are taken care of. Check your SDSU and UC San Diego student accounts regularly and make sure you have no administrative or financial holds. If you do, please contact the appropriate JDP Coordinator for assistance.

It is recommended that students check the academic calendar regularly. Make note of all necessary deadlines for enrolling each quarter of the academic year. Although we will endeavor to remind you prior to the end of each registration period, it is ultimately your responsibility to remember to register. Fees that are assessed for failure to register on time, regardless of whether we reminded you or not, will be the responsibility of the student.


SDSU Academic Calendar:

UC San Diego Academic Calendars:

Updated 8/07/2023