The main JDP Training Facility is located at 6363 Alvarado Court, Suite 103, in the Alvarado Medical Center area, in SDSU Research Foundation-administered buildings that are adjacent to the SDSU campus. Most of the SDSU JDP faculty (and the JDP students who work with them) have their offices and research labs in various buildings in and around the Alvarado Medical Center area, although some also can be found on the main campus, at Rady Children’s Hospital, and in other office buildings owned by the SDSU Research Foundation on Sky Park Drive.

The SDSU Psychology Clinic, also located at the JDP Training Facility in Suite 102, is a community mental health clinic operated by the Department of Psychology at San Diego State University. They offer culturally sensitive, low-cost services to the San Diego community in English and Spanish. These services and treatment approaches are supported by scientific evidence and individualized to clients’ needs.

The UC San Diego program faculty have offices, clinical facilities, and lab space at a variety of locations. Included in these locations are the main UC San Diego campus, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, the VA Outpatient facility in Mission Valley, UC San Diego Health Outpatient Psychiatric Services, the School of Medicine Biomedical Science Building and Clinical Sciences Building, the UC San Diego Health offices in Hillcrest, UC San Diego Health Jacobs Medical Center, Rady Children’s Hospital, and several locations in other parts of the city where UC San Diego Health Sciences (which includes UC San Diego School of Medicine and UC San Diego Health) has a presence.