Closeup of Kyle Mastropietro

Kyle Mastropietro, M.S.

Pronouns: Kyle

Doctoral Student

SDSU / UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

San Diego

Areas of Research

With our team at UCSD’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR), I am executing human laboratory studies to determine the effects of acute smoked cannabis use on driving performance. Broadly, my interests include exploring the effects of both acute and prolonged cannabis consumption on health and cognition across a range of cannabinoid products and concentrations.


Doctoral Student in the San Diego State University/University of California San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.


Thomas D. Marcotte, Ph.D., UC San Diego

  1. M.S., Clinical Psychology
    San Diego State University
  2. B.S., Psychology
    Stony Brook University