Entry Year


Major Area of Study

Behavioral Medicine


Brent Mausbach, PhD / Igor Grant, MD



Research Interests

Taylor’s interests focus broadly on stress and coping research and the impacts of stress on psychological and physical health. He is specifically interested sleep’s role in physical health and emotion regulation.

Representative Publications
  • Bos, T., & Emsellem, H. (2017). Integrated biopsychosocial treatment of insomnia. In Muse, M. (Ed.) Cognitive behavioral psychopharmacology: The clinical practice of biopsychosocial integration. Submitted to publisher.

  • Mausbach, B., Romero-Moreno, R., Bos, T., von Känel, R., Ziegler, M., Allison, M., … Grant, I. (2017). Engagement in pleasant leisure activities and blood pressure: A 5-year longitudinal study in Alzheimer’s caregivers. Manuscript submitted for publication.

  • Wu, K., Bos, T., Mausbach, B., Milos, M., Ziegler, M., von Känel, R., … Grant, I. (2017). Impaired cardiovagal baroreflex in chronically stressed elderly caregivers. Manuscript submitted for publication.

  • Buxton, O. M., Chang, A. M., Spilsbury, J. C., Bos, T., Emsellem, H., & Knutson, K. L. (2015). Sleep in the modern family: protective family routines for child and adolescent sleep. Sleep health, 1(1), 15-27.

  • Wenze, S. J., Gunthert, K. C., Ahrens, A. H., & Bos, T. C. (2013). Biases in Short-Term Mood Prediction in Individuals with Depression and Anxiety Symptoms. Individual Differences Research, 11(3).

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