Closeup of Leda Kennedy

Leda Kennedy, M.S.

Pronouns: Leda

Doctoral Student

SDSU / UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology
Experimental Psychopathology

San Diego

Areas of Research

Leda’s research broadly focuses on early detection, intervention, and prevention of psychosis and psychosis spectrum disorders. She works at the UCSD Cognitive Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE) Early Psychosis Treatment Center under the mentorship of Kristin Cadenhead, M.D. She is particularly interested in trialing novel interventions for clinical-high risk and first episode psychosis such as CBD as well as investigating treatment response in these populations.


I am a graduate student with a focus on early intervention for emerging psychosis. I am broadly interested in the bio-behavioral mechanisms behind psychosis and schizophrenia-spectrum disorders across the lifespan, and I work on research related to developing targeted interventions for early psychosis populations that consider overall health and well-being.


Kristin Cadenhead, MD, UC San Diego


  1. M.S. Psychiatric Research
    King’s College London
  2. B.A. Cultural Anthropology
    American University