An important feature of the JDP is training in major areas within clinical psychology. After completing the core curriculum, formal training in one of the three available areas is required. Major area of study training includes:

  1. a full year’s seminar in the scientific and clinical aspects of the major area of study;
  2. advanced seminars and didactics, typically taken in conjunction with clinical practica;
  3. clinical practica in the major area of study;
  4. a comprehensive examination or its equivalent (e.g., formal research grant proposal or major literature review); and
  5. substantial research experience in the area, including second year project and dissertation. Please note that several members of the faculty have research interests in more than one area.
Major Area of Study Co-Leaders
  SDSU UC San Diego
Behavioral Medicine Kristen Wells Neal Doran
Experimental Psychopathology May Yeh Charles Taylor
Neuropsychology Sarah Mattson David Moore

Updated 8/20/2019