Where Are They Now: Alumni Success

Kristen Breit, MA

My name is Kristen Breit, and I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Behavioral Teratology at SDSU, as well as a Psychology […]

Apurva Barve, MA

After graduating from SDSU’s Psychology masters (Physical and Mental health focus) program in Summer 2016, I started my doctoral program at UCLA’s Fielding School of […]

Siyuan Huang, M.A.

I am an international student from China, and now a PhD student in Adult Clinical Psychology at Penn State University. I was prepared well for my doctoral application and my career development.

Marissa Goldenstein, MA

I am now a Project Manager for Kaiser Permanente working to develop and manage regional incentive programs for non-physician staff, managers, and executives.

Bryan Aasen, M.S.

SDSU’s I/O Psychology Master’s program prepares you for a wide variety of career paths. I currently work on Qualcomm’s People Analytics team analyzing a wealth of people data.