Psychology Liberal Arts Major

Department Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

DLG = Department Learning Goal
SLO = Student Learning Outcome

DLG 1: Establish a Broad Knowledge Base in Psychology
             SLO 1.1 Describe key concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychology
             SLO 1.2 Describe psychology’s content domains
             SLO 1.3 Describe applications of psychology

DLG 2: Demonstrate Knowledge in Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
              SLO 2.1 Differentiate a broad range of research methods used in psychology
              SLO 2.2 Evaluate knowledge claims
              SLO 2.3 Describe ethical considerations in psychological research
              SLO 2.4 Interpret, design, and conduct scientific research of psychological phenomena

DLG 3: Explain the Importance of Culture and Diversity
             SLO 3.1 How does psychology inform our understanding of culture and diversity
             SLO 3.2 How do psychological findings differ across cultures
             SLO 3.3 Describe ethical considerations as they apply to culture and diversity

DLG 4: Communicate Effectively in Written and/or Oral Modalities
             SLO 4.1 Demonstrate effective APA-style writing
             SLO 4.2 Demonstrate effective (general/non-APA-style) writing
             SLO 4.3 Exhibit effective oral communication skills

DLG 5: Develop Skills used in Professional Settings
             SLO 5.1 Describe how psychology information and skill sets can be applied to law, business,                                        health care, education, and other career opportunities
             SLO 5.2 Be made aware of resources on campus for professional development
             SLO 5.3 Develop general skills that can be used in a range of workplace environments (e.g., excel,                             word, stats skills, writing skills, communication)