Course Requirements 

Total Coursework Required = 30 Units

The following courses are required:

PSY 600 Research Orientation (1 unit per semester) 2 Units
PSY 610 Advanced Research Methods 3 Units
PSY 670A-670B Advanced Statistics   6 Units
or 770A-770B Advanced Statistics    
PSY 797 Research  1 Unit
PSY 799A Thesis  3 Units

1 of the following 2 classes is required

PSY   561   Advanced Neuropsychology   3 Units
PSY  760  Seminar in Physiological Correlates of Behavior    3 Units

2 of the following 4 classes are required:

PSY  632 Theories and Methods in Developmental Science  3 Units
PSY 740 Seminar in Social Psychology 3 Units
PSY  751  Clinical Psychology: Theory and Practice  3 Units 
PSY   787  Advanced Principles of Learning & Cognition 3 Units

1 of the following 4 classes is required:

PSY 675 Seminar in Psychological Measurement 3 Units
PSY 767 Seminar in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience 3 Units
PSY 768  Advanced Systems Neuroscience 3 Units 
PSY  769 Advanced Foundations of Neuroimaging 3 Units 

In addition one elective is required (3 Units): 

Electives may be selected from any other 500-700 level Psychology classes or graduate classes from other departments in the University with the approval of the Graduate Advisor.  Three units of 797, additional to the 1 required unit, may count as 1 elective.  


Upon admission to the program, each student is assigned a faculty research mentor.  It is expected that the student will work in the mentor’s laboratory to gain research experience and to work toward development of a thesis idea and proposal.  The proposal is evaluated and approved by a committee, chosen by the student and his/her, advisor before data collection for the thesis begins.  Once the thesis is complete, the student conducts an oral defense of his/her work and findings.  The student presents a final written report, approved by the thesis committee, to the Graduate School for credit towards the Master’s degree.