I am an international student from China, and a second-year PhD student in Adult Clinical Psychology at Penn State University (PSU). My current research project focuses on using fMRI to investigate the neural reward processing of food stimuli in varying food contexts. I always appreciated the chance to study in the MA program in Psychology at SDSU, during which time I examined the spatiotemporal dynamics of cognitive and affective processing as a function of binge drinking under the mentorship of Dr. Ksenija Marinkovic.

I was prepared well for my doctoral application and my career development by this program with its high-grade theoretical, methodological, and statistical training. This experience helped me build a solid foundation for my current doctoral studies and research work at PSU. In addition, I particularly appreciated the strong support and rich resources provided by this distinguished program that allowed me to extensively explore my research interests, making me determined to continue to pursue clinical neuroscience research during my doctoral studies.