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  • Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (CAP) Brown Bag

    April 26, 2023  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    6363 Alvarado Court (“JDP Building”), Suite 250 Conference Room:

    Please join us for the Spring Semester Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (CAP) Brown Bag that will take place at 4-5pm on the following three Wednesdays in 6363 Alvarado Court (“JDP Building”), Suite 250 Conference Room:

    Brown Bag Faculty Mentor: Inna Fishman, Ph.D.
    For information about the seminar, please contact the Brown Bag coordinators: Everett Delfel (1st year JDP representative), Junye Ma  (2nd year JDP representative), or Judy Mahmalji (Masters students representative).

    What is the objective of the CAP Brown Bag?

    The Brown Bag is meant to provide students, trainees, and faculty conducting research and other scholastic activities with pediatric populations (broadly defined here as children and adolescents 0-21 years of age) to present their work, with a goal of broadening our scope of “expertise” from the narrow specialization (your own lab / your own research) to the broader lens of pediatric clinical (neuro- or behavioral health) psychology.  

    Who are the presenters at the CAP Brown Bag?
    We strongly encourage you, the students (JDP students AND Masters students with pediatric interest), to present your work. Presentations don't have to be super-formal, but rather they should be designed to be useful to you and your peers. You can:

    • Talk about the methodology used in your work / your lab, which may not be widely utilized in our program / department and therefore be informative to your peers; 
    • Tell us about a new research idea and get feedback on the design or framing (e.g., in preparation for submission of a research or fellowship proposal);
    • Tell us about a recent paper you just published;
    • Tell us about some new confusing data you're trying hard to analyze and understand;
    • Give a practice talk for another presentation that you expect to have on your schedule (a conference talk, a thesis or dissertation proposal, for example);
    • For more senior students - practice giving a research overview, which gives you a great opportunity to try to put into words what your interests are as a clinical scientist;
    • Or, create your own format/ topic that would be useful to you, or others.

    You don't have to use the full time — probably best to plan a 25-30 minute presentation, with ~20-30 minutes for discussion. This will let you get the most useful feedback out of the group, by getting some conversation going.

    How do I sign up to give a presentation?
    We need presenters! I’d like to encourage students who have recently submitted their Comprehensive Exam, published a paper, submitted a research proposal, or are working on their thesis proposal or preparing for a conference, to sign up to present at the Brown Bag. Please email Everett Delfel (1st year JDP representative), Junye Ma (2nd year JDP representative), or Judy Mahmalji (Masters students representative) to secure your spot. We are planning to create a Google Calendar to make the signup easier in the future.

    Will it be possible to attend virtually / by zoom?
    We understand that our community spans two campuses and multiple locations, making physical presence at one place challenging. We encourage in-person attendance and participation, but will also try to provide a link for zoom-ing in.

    Inna Fishman, Judy Mahmalji, Everett Delfel, and Junye Ma 

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