I am now a Project Manager for Kaiser Permanente working to develop and manage regional incentive programs for non-physician staff, managers, and executives, including strategic goal and target development, data collection and evaluation, and incentive processing. I am currently spearheading an automation improvement project involving process improvement and the development of an automation tool for incentive processing.

The SDSU Master’s program helped me to develop skills for critical reasoning, statistics and data analysis, research and business writing, as well as assessing the credibility of evidence sources. It also enlightened me on the many ways in which psychology can be integrated into different career paths and focuses. My involvement in a public health research laboratory led me to discover my passion for healthcare and ultimately guided me to the career path I am on today!

This Master’s program is filled with wonderful and supportive professors and staff devoted to providing students with valuable experiences, opportunities, and resources for further education development and career building. The program provides a variety of options for research involvement, fantastic and thoughtfully designed statistics courses, and many other interesting learning opportunities. I highly recommend it!