Why Psychology at SDSU?

Three students smiling in graduation attire with text that says #1 Most Popular Major

For several years, more SDSU students have graduated from Psychology than any other major

Masked male student administering a diagnostic test with text that reads #33 Ranked PhD Program

Our clinical psychology doctoral program is consistently among the best in the nation

Student looking at MRI images behind text that reads $63.7 million in research funding

We rigorously collect and analyze data to improve interventions and benefit society

Psychology is the scientific discipline that studies human behavior and mental processes: how human beings develop, learn, think and feel. Psychologists study the relative influences of heredity and experience throughout the life span in a wide variety of environments, including the laboratory, home, school, workplace, jury room, hospital and hospice. 

Well-Renowned Research Facilities

Brain scans on a computer in the foreground; in the background, through a window, a person is lying inside the opening of an MRI machine

Mapping the Brain

An on-campus Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility enables innovative neuroscience research

A woman in a pumpkin-colored jumpsuit sits smiling with a clipboard in a therapy room

Therapists in Training

Graduate students get valuable experience treating patients in the SDSU Psychology Clinic

Latinx Health Experts

The South Bay Latino Research Center has worked side-by-side to improve the health and well-being of our border-connected community for decades

lower-case a surrounded by concentric white and red semi-circles next to text that says SDSU Center for Autism

Autism Across the Lifespan

The SDSU Center for Autism offers research-based assessments and aid for autistic individuals from early childhood through old age

Leadership Opportunities Abound

Two students stand at a table with fun brain-related probs with a banner that says Psych Club and Psi Chi

We are Socializing Psychology

The Psi Chi Honor Society and SDSU Psychology Club organize social and service events for students in the department

A smiling student wearing sunglasses holding a sign that says "Are you pre-health, pre-med, pre-dental, Arab/Middle-Eastern" in teal letters

Preparing for Medical Careers

Several clubs under the Health Professions Advising Office connect students with medical professional mentors and internships

Three students from the SDSU Active Minds club smile at a table. Brochures on self-confidence and overcoming procrastination as well as a multi-colored chance wheel are on the table in front of them

Making Mental Health Matter

SDSU Active Minds promotes mental health and well-being through outreach events

Variety of Career Paths

Students with a liberal arts education in psychology find employment in a broad range of settings including business, government agencies, non-profits, health care services and research institutions. A deep understanding of how biology and environment interact to influence people’s thoughts, feelings and actions is applicable to numerous positions in marketing, management, user experience design, law, education, and more.

  • Lauren Farahnak, M.S.
    I’m a Senior Manager in Accenture Strategy’s Talent and Organization practice, helping external clients develop talent solutions and experiences to achieve business priorities and optimize performance.
  • Jeff Olney, M.A.
    SDSU positioned me as a highly competitive candidate when I began applying to doctoral programs and ultimately allowed me to go to my top choice at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
  • Siyuan Huang, M.A.
    I am an international student from China, and now a PhD student in Adult Clinical Psychology at Penn State University. I was prepared well for my doctoral application and my career development.
  • Bryan Aasen, M.S.
    SDSU's I/O Psychology Master's program prepares you for a wide variety of career paths. I currently work on Qualcomm's People Analytics team analyzing a wealth of people data.