Dr. Vanessa Malcarne

This summer, Dr. Vanessa Malcarne was appointed Co-Director of the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.  She will share directorship of the doctoral program with Dr. Robert Heaton from the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego.  Dr. Malcarne is a longtime member of the Department of Psychology, having joined the faculty in 1990.  Her research focuses on prevention of and quality of life in chronic illness, with a particular focus on cancer and the rheumatic diseases, and on underserved populations.  She also develops and evaluates the reliability and validity of measurement instruments used in clinical and research settings, with a focus on cultural issues.  Dr. Malcarne has received numerous awards for her research, teaching, and mentoring, including the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s Senior Mentor Award (Inaugural Recipient) and the American Psychosocial Oncology Society’s Outstanding Education and Training Award.  She is also a multiple recipient of the doctoral program’s Outstanding Faculty Award, and two years ago received the Monty Award from SDSU’s Alumni Association for her contributions to SDSU.