Dr. Sarah Mattson is Honored with the FASD Study Group Rosett Award

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Mattson, who was awarded the 2018 Henry L. Rosett Award from the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group.  The award is “for lifetime contributions to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders research”.

“Dr. Mattson is an expert in the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on brain and behavioral development. Importantly, she has shown that children without the facial features of FAS still are vulnerable to the behavioral and cognitive effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, and that the behavioral patterns in children with FASD share similarities and differences with other developmental disorders like ADHD”.

“Dr. Mattson’s studies were also the first to use brain imaging to show the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on brain development. Currently, as part of CIFASD, Dr. Mattson is now developing an app to better screen individuals at risk for FASD and to improve diagnosis”.

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