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Life Sciences North Room 105


Messaging to Students Regarding Advising Adaptations


We are transitioning the Psychology Peer Advising Office hours and services in response to current events. Please note that the information below is current as of March 15th. Please re-check this page in the future for further changes that may become necessary.

Psychology Priority Advising Schedule

To ensure that we are able to help everyone who needs it, we will prioritize advising appointments for students by rank, according to the following schedule. You will receive an email from us with an invitation to set up an appointment approximately one week before your group’s priority week. We will also take advising questions through email, however, and respond to them as we are able to.

3/16 – 3/26 Graduation Candidates (students who already applied to graduate in Spring or Summer)
4/6 – 4/9 Continuing Seniors
4/13 – 4/16 Juniors
4/20 – 4/23 Sophomores
4/27 – 4/30 Freshmen

Psychology Advising Office Hours

Online hours via Zoom: Mondays – Thursdays, 2 pm – 4 pm
Refer to instructions on BB/department website for how to download and use ZOOM for
appointments. We will send you a link once an appointment is set up.
Email: Mondays – Thursdays, as time allows

Topics that Can be Handled via Email Advising (
For all email questions, be sure to include your first, middle and last name and your rank (e.g., senior, junior, etc.) along with any information requested below. If you have multiple questions they can go in one email but please adjust the subject heading accordingly. If you have other questions not addressed above, you can email us as well. We can then advise you on whether or not an appointment is needed.

– Class Scheduling. We can review your DARS and provide a major checklist that outlines the psychology major/minor requirements that you have left. We can also review courses that are in your schedule planner on WebPortal and determine how they fit into major requirements.
– Use subject heading: Class scheduling, provide student rank
– Include this information: If you plan to take summer and/or fall courses, the number of overall units you would like to take in those terms, and when you plan to graduate.

– Declaration forms for the major, emphasis or a minor. We can review your records, provide information on requirements, and complete declaration forms if appropriate. Note: Transfer students cannot declare the major until impaction criteria are completed. However, we can still assist with planning classes.
– Use subject heading: Psychology Declaration, provide student rank
– Include this information: The major, emphasis, or minor of interest. Let us know if you want to switch from a different major into psychology or add psychology as a second major.

– Course Eligibility questions. During early registration, course eligibility is not checked. If you sign up for a course and receive a “Contingency” warning, we can check what prerequisite you may not have. Similarly, if you are a transfer student who is trying to meet impaction criteria to declare the Psychology major and have difficulty signing up for upper division courses, we may be able to help.
– Use subject heading: Course Eligibility, provide student rank
– Include this information: Course number and section.

– Petitions. A petition/RAAR is used when you want to see if a course taken at another institution can be equivalent to an SDSU psychology major/minor requirement.
– Use subject heading: Petitions, provide student rank
– Include this information: The course number from SDSU and the course number, course name, college name, and a syllabus from the other institution. If you do not still have your syllabus, try contacting your former professor or department offering the course before contacting us.

– IS3D course approvals/petitions. Most IS3D forms can be addressed without an appointment. Scan and attach paperwork in an email to us.
– Use subject heading: IS3D, provide student rank
– Include this information: Attach form.


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