Peer Advising Team Spring 2019

Dr. Sadler


Dr. Melody Sadler smiling in front of a tree.

Dr. Sadler is an Associate Professor at SDSU. She completed her PhD in Social Psychology from CU Boulder and her Undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Her research interests include category differentiation and inter-group evaluative bias, the formation of stereotyping and prejudice in groups and the implications for information processing.


Dr. Turner

Associate Director

Close-up of Dr. Turner smiling.

Dr. Katherine Turner is the Associate Director of Psychology Undergraduate Advising and Programs at SDSU. Dr. Turner completed her Masters and PhD at Stanford University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at SDSU in the Brain Imaging Laboratory. Dr. Turner has written papers on functional connectivity and visual processing in Autism. Her current research interests include the role of attention in student engagement and forensic developmental psychology.

Graduate Advisers


Marissa is a second year MS student in the I-O Psychology track at SDSU. She hopes to go straight into the workforce upon graduation to pursue a career as a Human Resources Manager, and aspires to become a Organizational Development Specialist or CEO. She enjoys yoga, spending time with friends and family, competing in pageants, and mentoring high school students throughout San Diego County.


Ally is a second year MA student in Psychology and is conducting research on language development. She is applying for PhD programs in Developmental Psychology in which she intends to research how play influences learning in children ages 2-6. In her spare time, Ally enjoys running, reading, and volunteering with the Pathways to Hope program.


Teaching Assistants


Rebekah is a third year senior at San Diego State University. She has been working in the Psychology Undergraduate Advising office for three years and is also involved in a Social Psychology lab with Dr. David Armor. Rebekah hopes to work in either a university setting in student affairs or enter a corporate job after graduating in May. During her free time, Rebekah loves exploring San Diego with her boyfriend and friends.


Boyu is an international undergraduate student at SDSU. She is a senior majoring in psychology. She is a research assistant in Body Image, Sexuality and Health Lab. She hopes to pursue a PhD degree in clinical health psychology. Her research interests are risk factors, prevention and treatment for eating disorders. She loves spicy food and spending time with her cat.  


Amanda is a senior at SDSU majoring in Psychology and minoring in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies as well as Business Management. Amanda has been working in the psychology undergraduate advising office for 3 consecutive semesters and just recently started advising for the College of Sciences Student Success Center. She is very passionate about helping her fellow students achieve their academic and professional goals, which is why she intends to pursue a masters degree in Educational Leadership.

Returning Advisers


Lauren is a Psychology major and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies (Honors). This is Lauren’s third semester in advising and she loves having the opportunity to work with students everyday. On campus, Lauren has been a Teaching Assistant (TA) and currently works in the Motivational and Social Identity Lab as a Research Assistant. After finishing her undergraduate education she plans on attending graduate school to one day become a consultant.


Adoril is a fifth-year, undergraduate student studying business administration: information systems, psychology: industrial and organizational psychology, and Spanish (minor). He is a research assistant at the Culture, Work Values, and Organizational Behavior Lab and at the Body Image, Sexuality, & Health Lab. Furthermore, he is also peer leadership consultant at the Student Life & Leadership Office on campus. Upon graduation, he aspires to enter a Ph.D. program in the field of industrial and organizational psychology, where he will study the role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Nicole is a senior at SDSU majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and a minor in Communication. She has been involved in various organizations on campus, including Psi Chi, Dance Marathon at SDSU, Psychology Club, and served as the president for Delta Gamma. She is currently a teacher’s assistant for Personality of Psychology and is a member of Dr. Hattrup’s Culture, Work Values, and Organizational Behavior Lab. After graduation, Nicole is interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources and plans to receive a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. When Nicole is not on campus, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, and trying new restaurants!


Josh is in his third year striving towards a BA in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and Social Change.  After Josh finishes his athletic and academic career at SDSU, he plans on joining the workforce as a teacher/coach. Josh enjoys using his platform, as a Division 1 football player, to give back to the community and he is currently serving as Vice-President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for the 2018-2019 school year. He is also in Dr. Thoman’s Motivation and Social Identity research lab.


Ollyvia is a junior at SDSU majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. In addition to working as an academic peer advisor, she is also a research assistant in Dr. Devos’ Intergroup Relations research lab and a teaching assistant for Dr. Villodas. On the side, Ollyvia runs a photography business and enjoys creating art and design through photography. After her undergraduate studies, she plans to attend graduate school in the hopes of working in consumer research and advertising.


Gianna is a third year Psychology major and minor in Biology. In addition to being a Psychology Peer Advisor, she is also a research assistant in Dr. Terry Cronan’s Health Outcomes Studies Lab. After she graduates, she plans on attending graduate school to study Neuropsychology or Health Psychology. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, going to the beach, and attending every music festival she can possibly go to.


Angeles is a fourth year striving for her BA in Psychology with a minor in Child and Family Development. After Angeles finishes her academic career at SDSU, she plans to get her Masters degree and become a certified Child Life Specialist. She is a first generation college student. In her spare time Angeles enjoys reading, and bothering Dr. Sadler and Dr. Turner.


Maile is a 4th Year Psychology Major with a Minor in International Studies and Chinese Language. Maile plans to pursue a graduate program in I/O Psychology. She is passionate about helping other people and wants to work for a large business in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Maile currently serves as the Director of Recruitment for Kappa Alpha Theta, Psychology Club Member, and is working on her undergraduate cross-cultural research project with Dr. Zhong.


Mercedes is a third year Psychology major. In addition to being a Undergraduate Peer Advisor, she is a research assistant at the Brain Development Imaging Labs here on campus. After completing her  undergraduate work at SDSU, Mercedes hopes to go on to join a Ph. D. program in clinical neuropsychology with an emphasis in development. In the future she intends to work as a pediatric neuropsychologist.


Andrea is currently in her senior year striving towards a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. After graduation she plans on continuing her education in order to become a School Psychologist. Andrea is currently a TA for PSY 260 and an RA in Dr.Price’s  Developmental Psychopathology Lab.


Sarah is a senior at SDSU and is receiving her BA in Psychology in the Spring of 2019. She is hoping to pursue a career in law and become a District Attorney for misdemeanor cases. She is also the panhellenic delegate for her sorority, Delta Gamma. In her free time, Sarah enjoys ice cream trips and the beach.


Originally from the San Francisco area, Makenna is a junior and currently is pursuing a Psychology major with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. She plans to attend graduate school and obtain a masters in the field of developmental psychology. She eventually would like to work with children experiencing trauma and mental health disorders. In her free time, Makenna enjoys going to the beach, hiking, exploring San Diego, and being an executive member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.


Amy is a Senior, majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Counseling and Social Change. She aspires to obtain a Masters in School Counseling along with a LPCC and become a School Counselor. She is currently the Treasurer of the Counseling and Social Change Club and has applied for the Psi Chi Honors Society and the Psychology Club. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.


Katie is a senior at SDSU and is majoring in psychology and criminal justice. She hopes to go onto graduate school to get a degree in either forensic psychology or clinical psychology with a forensics emphasis. Katie is apart of Psi Chi and is a research assistant in the Healthy Child and Family Development Lab. She also enjoys traveling and just got back from a semester abroad in


Tori is a graduating senior at SDSU majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. Along with being a Peer Advisor, she was a TA for Developmental  Psychopathology and Intro to Physiological Psych. She is pursuing an Education Specialist degree in the hopes of becoming a School Psychologist. Tori is also extremely passionate about traveling and has just gotten back from a semester abroad in Milan, Italy.


Gina is a fourth year here at SDSU working toward her major in Psychology and two minors in Gerontology and Classical Music. She has been involved with the Student Council of Voice Area, YoungLife, and Psi Chi. She hopes to further her education in Psychology specifically with the aging population. She just returned for the Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida and
hopes to visit Mickey again real soon.

Working Advisers


Julia is a senior at SDSU pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Child and Family Development. After graduation, Julia plans to attend graduate school to obtain her Master’s in School Counseling. In her free time, Julia enjoys riding her bike to the beach, hiking, and practicing yoga.


Chrisi (Christe’An) is a senior at SDSU majoring in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and Social Change. After Chrisi graduates in the Spring, she hopes to begin a graduate program in either clinical mental health counseling or in psychology with a clinical emphasis in preparation for a PhD program. Chrisi is also a research assistant for Dr. Thoman’s Motivation and Social Identity research lab and has been a teacher’s assistant on campus. In her free time, Chrisi enjoys to cook, travel, snowboard, and scuba dive.


Cassie is a sophomore at SDSU pursuing a major in Psychology. She is focusing on developmental psychology and plans to work with the elderly by minoring in Geriatrics. She is excited to meet students and help them plan their future at SDSU and for beyond during her first semester in the Psychology Advising office. Outside of psychology, Cassie is involved in Greek Life as a member of Gamma Phi Beta and enjoys being active outside.


Jason is junior student veteran at SDSU pursuing major in I/O Psychology and a minor in Chicano Studies. He serves as a Peer Mentor and Treasurer of PsyMORE and Director of Public Relations of the Psychology Club and Psi Chi. He aspires to obtain a Masters in the IO track and ultimately have a career as an overpaid government consultant. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his daughter and online and tabletop RPGing.


Bella is a sophomore at SDSU working towards obtaining her BA in Psychology. After completing her undergraduate studies, she plans to attend a graduate program in either Clinical Psychology or Counseling. She would like to one day work in a rehabilitation setting with individuals who are struggling with substance abuse. Outside of school, Bella enjoys spending times with friends and family, hiking, and going to the beach.


Brian is a senior at SDSU pursuing a major in Psychology. He is currently employed by the SDSU College of Education as a research assistant examining the outcome of utilizing online video coaching tools assisting development in pre-service teachers. Brian is interested in Social Psychology and plans to pursue a PhD. in Experimental Psychology. Brian enjoys spending quality time with his family, and creating music.


Ally is a senior at SDSU pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Counseling and Social Change. She plans to attend graduate school in San Diego to receive her masters degree in School Counseling. In her spare time, Ally enjoys traveling, snowboarding and reading.


Sarah is a junior at SDSU pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Counseling and Social Change. She is passionate about mental health and plans to obtain an MA in Clinical Psychology . In her free time, Sarah loves doing makeup and taking her puppy to dog beach.


Saloni is a second year student at San Diego State University pursuing a BA in Psychology and a minor in Child and Family Development. After graduation, she plans on going to graduate school for either Developmental or Clinical Psychology. Saloni is currently working as a Research Assistant in Dr. Friend’s Infant and Child Development Lab and is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. In her free time, Saloni likes to spend time with her family and friends, watch the sunset, explore San Diego, and go hiking.


Danny is a sophomore at SDSU majoring in Psychology and considering a minor in marketing. He is unsure of his career goals as of now but is considering pursuing a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or Industrial Organizational Psychology. In his free time he enjoys spending time at the gym, cooking, and hiking.


Brenda is a Senior at SDSU pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Counseling and Social change. She plans to attend graduate school to become a high school academic counselor. On the side, Brenda works in a middle school tutoring students and holds a crew lead position with AMC Theaters. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music and watching Netflix series. In her spare time, you can find her in Disneyland and hanging out with friends.


Training Advisers

Tiare: Junior

Tiare is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and hopes to find a career in which she can study social interactions among people or go into Forensics.

Brianna: Junior

Brianna is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Counseling and Social Change, ultimately aspiring to conduct research and earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a Neuropsychology focus.

Olivia: Junior

Olivia plans to pursue her master’s degree and work as an Industrial Organizational Psychologist.

Amari: Junior

Amari is studying Psychology in hopes of pursuing a master’s degree and working as a School Counselor.

Derrick: Junior

Derrick is studying Psychology and Public Administration in pursuit of a combined PhD in Psychology and Public Policy to advocate for equity in education.

Hannah: Junior

Hannah plans on pursuing a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and one day owning her own practice for young adults.

Jade: Junior

Jade is studying psychology and hopes to attend grad school for counseling and school psychology.

Jeffrey: Sophomore

Jeffrey is studying Psychology in the hopes of pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology.

Taylor: Junior

Taylor is studying Industrial Organizational Psychology in hopes to work in the field of human resources and enhance employee satisfaction through benefits, increased worker’s rights, and innovative solutions to make work a better place for employees.

Cindy: Sophomore

Cindy is studying Industrial Organizational Psychology and plans to pursue a masters degree in either the field of I/O Psychology or Forensic Psychology.

Meghan: Sophomore

Meghan plans to attend graduate school and eventually work as a counselor with refugees.

Saadia: Junior

Saadia is studying psychology and plans to pursue a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Nathaniel: Junior

Nathanial is studying psychology to attend graduate school and one day bring psychology into eSports.

Hayden: Junior

Hayden is studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology in hopes of pursuing a masters degree in the field.

Samantha: Sophomore

Sammy is studying Psychology and minoring in Counseling and Social Change in hopes of pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy for autistic children after graduate school.

Korynn: Sophomore

Korynn is studying Psychology in hopes of pursuing a PhD and working as a Sports Psychologist.