Congratulations to two of our doctoral students Lindsay Olson and Jiwan Kohil. They were awarded a prestigious Autism Speaks predoc fellowship.

Lindsay Olson photo

“Under the mentorship of Inna Fishman, this project will study language patterns and their neural correlates using fMRI in a socioeconomically diverse sample of young children with (and without) ASD, at two points in time. The study will identify whether and to what extent lower-socioeconomic status children with autism may be more vulnerable to language delays and more atypical brain network organization, compared to higher-socioeconomic status peers with autism”.

Jiwan Kohli photo

“Under the mentorship of Ruth Carper, this study will investigate brain structure and behavior data of older adults with autism to understand if they are at greater risk for cognitive decline or accelerated decline than typical adults. Researchers may be able to use this understanding to identify long-term support needs for adults with ASD”.