Dr. Inna Fishman Inna Fishman, Ph.D
Research Associate Professor

Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
6363 Alvarado Ct., Ste. 200

Phone: 619-584-2299
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: ifishman@sdsu.edu

Research Interest:  My main research interests lie in the domain broadly described as social / developmental neuroscience. I’m interested in how brain networks are organized and function in typical and atypical development, and how and which of these neural circuits are related to, and give rise to our complex social behaviors (the way we interact with others). To this end, we utilize advanced multimodal MRI approaches (functional connectivity MRI, diffusion imaging) to examine brain networks that support social cognition in children with typical and atypical development (such as autism), theorizing that abnormalities in connections among these neural systems can interfere with, and disrupt social-cognitive development. Current work is focusing on characterizing structure and function of cortical networks at the time of first behavioral signs of autism (at age 2 years), and tracking changes in brain network organization through the full symptom manifestation at age 4-5 years.

Lab: Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neurodevelopment (SCANgroup)