Osnabrück – peaceful and cosmopolitan

door handle of the town hall
Door handle of the Town Hall

Osnabrück’s political and cultural life believes in the maxim: “The task of peace –committed to peace”. After 5 years of negotiations the ”Peace of Westphalia” that ended the Thirty Years’ War was proclaimed on the steps of the Town Hall in 1648. Since more than 60 years local children commemorate this event every year with a hobby horse parade. Nowadays, people still come together where merchants used to meet in the old days:

Oldtown Osnabrück
Oldtown Osnabrück

The “Markt” remains the heart of the city and hosts weddings, festivals, wine stands and Christmas markets. Its picturesque flair is formed by the Town Hall of the Peace of Westphalia, the “Stadtwaage”, the St Mary’s Church, the late Romanesque St Peter’s Cathedral and the high gables of the old merchant houses. From 1412-1669, Osnabrück was a member of the “Hanse” (Hanseatic League), the most important trading alliance of its time that brought great stature and wealth to its member cities. These days, the old trade routes turned into pleasant streets with attractive shops. This mixture of historic quarters and modern architecture is the hallmark of Osnabrück whose status as a university city (around 20,000 students) completes its long history of Episcopal power. The young, top flight university, the technical college with its popular international study programs and the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU), located in Osnabrück, are all important factors for the creation of an innovative climate. Osnabrück is popular for being compact. Whether for sightseeing, shopping, strolling or studying – a good layout and short distances are a plus for all guests. Today Osnabrück (158,000 inhabitants) is the third largest city in Lower Saxony and the only German city situated in a nature reserve. With 1,220 square kilometers the UNESCO Geo Park TERRA.vita is wide open for cycling or hiking tours or for improving your handicap on one of the many golf courses around Osnabrück. Embedded between the Teutoburg Forest and the “Wiehengebirge”, the green traces of this nature reserve stretch right into the inner city of Osnabrück.

Osnabrück is a member of the network
Historic Highlights of Germany (www.historicgermany.com)
and spans the gap between past and present






Academic Quality

Optimal learning and research conditions at a young, dynamic university

High standards in research and structured PhD programs

Module-based and interdisciplinary study programs with accredited, internationally recognized degrees

Center for Intercultural Studies with guest lectures visiting from all over germanys and the world


Felix Nussbaum Museum
Felix Nussbaum Museum



Educational opportunities for more than 11,500 students in Arts and Social Sciences, Natural and Human Sciences, Law, Business Studies, and Economics

Small class sizes provide students with maximum opportunity for individual guidance from lectures



Campus Opportunities

Libraries with the latest literature and research opportunities

Language center with courses in German and other languages for beginners and advanced students

Computer Classrooms spread over the entire campus, free WiFi on campus



A look into the ‘Mensa’

Student Services

Award-winning canteen with excellent food at very low prices

Student dormitories at affordable prices

Individual services including induction week, personal counseling, and study support

Sport program (51 different kinds of sport classes)

University Movie Theatre



Career Prospects

Work experience through internships

Extracurricular learning programs to enhance skills and develop new interests

Internationally recognized degrees, qualifying graduates for the worldwide labor market



International Atmosphere

More than 250 partnership agreements with universities in 57 countries

Market Square with Town Hall and St. Mary's Church
Market Square with Town Hall and St. Mary’s Church

700 international students from 90 countries all over the world

Cross- Cultural communication and inspiration



Life and Living

Low cost of living

Counseling services and Students’ Union

Free transportation in and around the city and to neighboring cities (Hambrug, Bremen, Münster)

Safety and comfort in a middle-sized, open-minded city

Green city with lots of parks



Sports and Leisure

Wide variety of sports offered by the University Sports Center (volleyball, rowing, soccer, yoga)

Plenty of pubs, clubs, and eateries to choose from

Excursions to the surrounding areas and other cities such as Bremen, Münster, Hamburg, and Berlin


Shopping street "Große Straße"
Shopping street “Große Straße”


Arts and Culture

A number of professional and amateur theaters covering all genres of the  dramatic arts

Numerous museums and exhibitions with student discounts

Joint Cultural Program for International Students in Osnabrück



 City of Osnabrück

Friendly atmosphere in a historical city surrounded by green hills in the northwest of Germany

Seat of the Federal German Environmental Foundation and the German Foundation for Peace Research

Good connections to other cities and the local International Airport Münster/Osnabrück (FMO)