Twelve of Our Psychology Students Win Big at the Student Research Symposium

Colorful Cover of 9th annual SRS booklet

Congratulations to all of our students and mentors who participated in the Student Research Symposium, including the following twelve award recipients and their mentors.

Dean’s Award-College of Sciences Gabriela Gonzalez Dr. Eileen Moore NIH Toolbox Fluid Cognition in Youth with Histories of Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Dean’s Award-College of Sciences Michael Berkebile Dr. Ralph-Axel Mueller Links between thalamocortical and cerebrocerebellar intrinsic functional connectivity in autism
Research Award for Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Megan Mott Dr. Phillip Holcomb An Electrophysioogical Study of Initial American Sign Language Acquisition in Adult Learners
President’s Award Brandonn Zamudio Dr. Jennifer Thomas Effects of Late Gestational Cannabinoid Exposure on Behavioral Development in Rats
President’s Award Brad Taylor Dr. Dr.’s Paul Gilbert, Dr.Dan Goble, and Dr. Harsimran Baweja Dual-tasking inhibits postural control in older adults
Provost’s Award Bianka Enriquez Dr. Margaret Friend Code-Switching in Young Spanish-English Bilingual Toddlers and Their Mothers
Provost’s Award Siyuan Huang Dr. Ksenija Marinkovic Binge Drinking Is Associated with Reduced Brain Indices of Emotional Processing and Memory Retrieval
Provost’s Award Lee Holcomb Dr.Ksenija Marinkovic  Neural oscillatory dynamics underlying response inhibition is affected by binge drinking
Undergraduate research Excellence Awards Nicole Meda Dr. Audrey Hokoda Campus Sexual Assault: Rape Myth Acceptance and Reporting Among Victims
Undergraduate research Excellence Awards Erika Meza  Rudy Contreras, M.A. An Ethnic Comparison of Long-term Satisfied Marriages
 See below for photos of two of our student winners:
Brad Taylor receiving award
Brad Taylor receiving his award.
Bianka receiving award from provost
Bianka Enriquez receiving her award.

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