The Department of Psychology Welcomes Dr. Jonathan Helm

The department of psychology is excited to introduce Dr. Jonathan Lee Helm. Dr. Helm received his Ph.D. in quantitative psychology at the University of California, Davis, and held post-doctoral positions at both the Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Helm’s research is broadly focused on statistical models for measurement and change of psychological constructs. He is currently developing approaches for (1) measuring and modeling physiological synchrony is dyads, (2) estimating intraindividual trajectories of nonlinear change, and (2) analysis of multitrait-multimethod data from a Bayesian perspective.

Dr. Helm is also dedicated to teaching statistical analysis of psychological data. He has lectured in several workshops for advanced methods, and is currently developing online tutorials for implementation of basic and advanced statistical analysis in the behavioral sciences.

Dr. Helm is setting up a laboratory dedicated to the development and implementation of statistical methods in the social sciences. Dr. Helm is especially interested in working with motivated undergraduate students at SDSU that have basic training in statistics, R, SAS, or Mplus. He is also currently recruiting Ph.D. and master’s students.​


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