TEND Lab members Karen Schwartz (PhD student), Maria Kryza-Lacombe (PhD Student) Cindy Kiefer (Masters student), and Katrina Cole (research assistant) won SDSU Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) Student Travel Awards. They will be presenting TEND Lab research at the Society for Biological Psychiatry, Social Affective Neuroscience Society conferences, and SDSU’s student research symposium. Their presentations to leaders in the field will be on brain imaging findings in youths at risk for psychopathology because their mothers have depression, youths with irritability and autism, and children and adults with bipolar disorder.

Link to the news story about travel award: http://tendlab.sdsu.edu/tend-lab-members-receive-travel-award/

Cindy Kiefer, Maria Kryza-Lacombe and Katrina Cole will be presenting a poster on “Irritability and amygdala-ventral prefrontal cortex connectivity in children with high functioning autism spectrum disorder” at the 10th Annual Conference of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society in Los Angeles, CA and at the SDSU Student Research Symposium.

Karen Schwartz, Ysabella Panggat (research assistant) and Sophie Bills (research assistant) will be giving an oral presentation at SDSU’s 2017 Student Research Symposium. They will be presenting research on the “Neural Reactivity to Monetary Reward in the School-Age Offspring of Depressed Parents.”

Dr. Jillian Wiggins and the TENDLab Students