Reported by Psi Chi Vice President, Michael McGlenn

On Saturday November 3rd from 1-3pm the Psychology faculty and Psychology student body squared off on the softball fields at Presidio Park in Old Town. Both sides showed great confidence in the days leading up to the game. The faculty roster included Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Marx, Dr. Scott, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Ehrhart, and Dr. Ulloa. The student’s roster included the Psi Chi officers Michael McGlenn, Tonetta Webb, Danielle O’Neal, Carlos Alaniz, and Lydia Keema, as well as a hand full of other Psi Chi members. Just before the game started the faculty brought to light that they were down two players. They (Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Ulloa specifically) also pointed out their numerous physical ailments such as bad knees, back, and lack of shape prevented them from playing well. In order to make the game seemingly fair the students loaned them two players from their team. One was a former USD baseball player, and the other was 6’5″, former athlete, Marcelo Nieto. Little did they know that the professors were fully capable of handling themselves without the extra assistance. Inning after inning their bats came alive, ending in a rout of the students 17-7. Dr. Scott seemed to be the MVP on the faculty, while Vince Hardy dominated the outfield for the students. The students reluctantly handed over the 1st annual Psych Slugger with confidence of claiming it  upon their next contest. Next time the students won’t go so easy on their professors.