Psychology Faculty and Staff Recognized at the College of Sciences Academic End-Year Reception


Left to Right: Dr. Mark Ehrhart, Dr. Kristin Wells, Godelièvre Louis, Paulette Rose, Dr. Georg Matt, Kendrea Hilend, Dr. Michael Taylor, Lynsey Miller, Dr. Vanessa Malcarne

Kendrea Award

Kendrea Hilend has been the psychology department coordinator for more than 10 years. While this by itself is worth an award, what makes Kendrea stand out as a staff member is the combination of expertise for all things related to department administration with good judgment, optimism, intelligence, kindness, compassion, courage, and an eye for detail as well as the big picture.  She has the patience of an entire cloud of angels and excels at finding solutions to the most vexing problems in a large dynamic academic department. Students and faculty alike view her as the most indispensable person in the psychology department.


Dr. Kristen Wells has made significant contributions to our department through her research, teaching, and mentoring at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Her innovative research program examines patient navigation interventions as an approach to reducing cancer disparities and to improving health outcomes. Her work focuses particularly on underserved populations and relies on interactive computer technology to help cancer patients and their families to navigate the complex maze of our health care system.  Her undergraduate and graduate students are prolific presenters at national conferences and regular recipients of awards at the local and national levels.  Her experience, expertise, energy, perseverance, and good humor are much appreciated by her students and colleagues alike.



Both Paulette Rose and Dr. Malcarne were recognized with awards for their commitment to the Department of Psychology and their 25 years of service.


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