portrait of dr. margaret friend

Margaret Friend, Ph.D


Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
San Diego State University
6505 Alvarado Road, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92120-4913

Mail Code: 1863
Office: ALV 6505/101
FAX: (619) 594-6780

Research Interests: The Infant and Child Development Lab, directed by Margaret Friend, Ph.D., is taking new Masters students this year! Our lab is focused on changes in language and cognition over time during the first five years of life. Our purpose in studying these changes is 1) to understand how early skills predict development over time, 2) to understand the mechanisms that support development at any one point in time (say at age two or four) and how these might differ over time and 3) to understand universal and culture-specific patterns in development and the mechanisms that support it. Our research in firmly rooted in the tradition of public health as it pertains to children. We are a very collaborative laboratory of undergraduate and graduate students at the Masters and Doctoral levels. Former students in our lab have gone on to doctoral programs in Human Development, Developmental Psychology, Developmental Neuroscience, Forensics, and Education.

Lab: The Infant and Child Development Lab

Research Keywords: spatial learning, conceptual development, language acquisition, language comprehension, crosslinguistic, cognitive development, emergent literacy, literacy, school-readiness, executive function

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