Allison Vaughn, Ph.D


Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr.

San Diego, CA 92182-4611

Office: LS-175
Phone: 619-594-5536
Fax: 619-594-1332

Research Interests

Social Relationships, Stigma, and Health Lab – This research focuses on the intersections of social and health psychology. We define health in a number of ways: mental health (such as anxiety and depression), physical health (such as cardiovascular functioning and fatigue), and health-related behaviors (such as sleep, diet, and exercise). We look at a variety of social relationships such as roommates, romantic partners, and work colleagues and the elements of relationships that are particularly health relevant – namely, social support. We also examine stigma. Stigma is associated with many health conditions (from depression and anxiety to diabetes and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder). This stigma influences those with the condition as well as close others (parents, children, friends) and we examine how stigma influences health and helping behaviors of those in need as well as close others.

Stereotypes of Sexual Minorities – This research focuses on the stereotypes of and prejudice toward lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals. Currently, we are examining these stereotypes from the perspective of heterosexuals. We are looking at the similarities and differences in stereotype content across the spectrum of sexual identities.

Lab: Social Relationships and Health Lab

Research Keywords: Relationships, health, cardiovascular, lesbian, gay, bisexual, prejudice, stereotype