Each year, the CSU Grad Slam will be hosted by different campuses across the state. This year on May 6th, CSU Bakersfield has the honor to host this competition! Each campus will send the top winners from their local competitions to the CSU competition, where they will present their work live (virtually) for a chance to win one of three possible prizes. With 19 campuses represented from the CSU system, it will be an exciting event!

Karen Thomas’ Title of Presentation: Choline Supplementation Mitigates Effects of Prenatal THC Exposure on Spatial Memory in Rats. Her advisor is Dr. Jennifer Thomas.

Karen Thomas Photo

Website Link: https://www.csub.edu/graduatestudentcenter/csu-grad-slam-2022

Event Brochure: https://maindata.csub.edu/media/45486/download?inline