Laurie A. Brenner, M.A. (Behavioral Neuroscience Emphasis) – I entered the Clinical Psychology program at the University of California , Los Angeles (UCLA) in the fall of 2006. I am specializing in pediatric neuropsychological assessment and the neuroscience of developmental psychopathology, with particular emphasis on visual attention in autism, ADHD and 22q Deletion Syndrome. An additional focus for me is the use of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for anxiety disorders.One of the primary ways in which the Master’s program at San Diego State University (SDSU) prepared me for doctoral work in clinical psychology was by giving me the support and training necessary for independent research. The experience I gained at SDSU in design, implementation and analysis of a research project has contributed to my efficiency and productivity as a doctoral student. Also, the many opportunities at SDSU to meet and speak with professors, students and professionals doing both research and clinical work helped me to focus my interests and to determine the best way for me to achieve my career goals.