The Psychology Master’s Program Student Handbook provides important program information including coursework requirements, faculty information and other student responsibilities.

An essential component of graduate training in Applied Psychology is an internship experience, which provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom training in an actual field setting and gain new skills. Interns work with psychologists and other practitioners in the field under the direct supervision of a Site Supervisor. Students in both emphases of the MS Program are required to work a minimum of 300 hours at an approved internship site to earn the required 6 units of academic credit.  Most internships are completed during the summer, but students may work part-time during the academic year with the approval of their Faculty Mentor.  There are two criteria to be met for an opportunity to meet the requirements of an internship:

1) It must be related to the student’s degree objectives, and

2) The site supervisor needs to be a specialist in organizational development, human resources, industrial/organizational psychology, organizational behavior, or the application or development of quantitative methods.

Employers who are interested in offering internships can refer to the Employer Internship Guide below.  Also, please feel free to contact the Internship Coordinator at for additional information.