Faculty vs. Students: An International Friendly Soccer Game


In the afternoon of May 7, 2015, students, faculty, and friends of the Department of Psychology gathered for a friendly end-of-semester soccer match on our Field of Dreams between Gateway, Maracanã, the Music Building, and Camp Nou.  For a few hours, we successfully channeled the talents of some of soccer’s greatest players:

From left to right:
A close cousin of Lionel Messi
Thierry Devos-Ceulemans
Cameron Brown-Donavan
Jörg Matt-Lahm
Jeff Conte-Wynalda
“Abby Wambach”
“Mia Hamm”
“Alexi Lalas”
Sarah Louis-Pele
Gregory Louis-Pele
Godelievre Louis-Pele
Scott Kelley-Dempsey

Not pictured are:
Axel Müller-Beckenbauer
Emilio Ulloa-Balboa
Ignacio Barragan-WynaldaThe game ended in a closely fought 12-12 tie.  More importantly, all had fun and no one was injured.


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