Dr. Thereasa Cronan Honored with the Outstanding Teaching Award by the Western Psychological Association


Dr. Thereasa Cronan, professor in the Department of Psychology, has been recognized by the Western Psychological Association (WPA) with the Outstanding Teaching Award and as a speaker for the WPA’s distinguished “Last Lecture” series. The Outstanding Teaching Award is an award given to a senior-level WPA member with a minimum of 10 years in the field who shows leadership in teaching and mentoring. The “Last Lecture” series is an event that allows three expert professors/scholars to share their wisdom and life lessons with junior colleagues. Thereasa Cronan, Ph.D. has received multiple awards and has an extensive resume corroborating her great leadership. For example, she was director of the SDSU Career Opportunities in Research (COR) program for 10 years. This program prepared undergraduates from disadvantaged groups for success as they applied to graduate programs in psychology. Dr. Cronan takes the time to not only help her students in their academic pursuits, but she also brings a personal touch by hosting Christmas parties for them and throwing them showers to celebrate new marriages and new births. To read more about Dr. Cronan’s wonderful teaching and mentoring click here. Congratulations Dr. Cronan!


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