Dr. Malcarne Receives a Five-Year Grant from the National Cancer Institute

 Groups of students standing on staircase
Dr. Malcarne has just received a five-year award from the National Cancer Institute for a summer undergraduate training program in cancer disparities.  The Creating Scientists Program (CSP), co-directed by Dr. Malcarne and Dr. Georgia Robins Sadler from the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, is designed to help community college students from low income or underrepresented backgrounds who are transferring to SDSU and UC San Diego get a head start on their research training.  The CSP will teach aspiring undergraduate scientists about cancer and how disparities can influence cancer outcomes.  Students will be trained in bio-behavioral research labs where they learn about the scientific process through hands-on participation.  They will also learn how to conduct an in-depth analysis of the scientific literature, and will prepare an abstract for submission to a national conference.  The CSP will take place the summer before community college transfer students officially begin their studies at SDSU and UC San Diego. Students will receive stipends to work full time over the eight-week summer program. Congratulations Dr. Malcarne!

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