“Congratulations to Associate Professor, Lacie Barber, for being selected as one of the 2023 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Fellows. This prestigious honor is in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the profession of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. It is awarded to only a few members who have made significant contributions to the field. She is a newly tenured professor in the Psychology Department and oversees the Occupational Health and Stress Laboratory.

Barber is an internationally recognized leader in research on work-life balance and sleep issues surrounding information and communication technologies. Her work on workplace telepressure has shaped both academic and popular news discussions about how the felt need to respond immediately to work emails and texts immediately can be detrimental to work recovery and feelings of burnout.

Barber is also passionate about translating her research to organizational practices that support psychologically healthy workplaces, including here at SDSU. She has worked with the Office of Faculty Advancement & Student Success to provide training and resources for managing boundaries around virtual work for better well-being among faculty and staff members. She has been providing consultation to the Human Resource Department to support its new telecommuting program. This role includes assessment of current telecommuting policies and employee experiences, as well as providing training for managers to support telecommuting arrangements.

As a Fellow for Equity-Minded Hiring in the Center for Inclusive Excellence, she trains faculty search committee members to promote equitable and effective hiring practices. This role also includes conducting workshops on building inclusive climates for new faculty members, including policies and practices that promote equitable workload and tenure-promotion evaluations.

Barber has shown high dedication to teaching and mentoring the next generation of I-O psychology students. She has taught 14 different courses at the undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. level across two different universities. She has chaired 21 thesis and dissertation committees, with four Ph.D. students receiving APA Dissertation Awards. She has also served on an additional 28 thesis and dissertation committees. At the undergraduate level, she has chaired 6 undergraduate honors thesis projects and mentored over 40 students in directed studies projects related to I-O psychology.”