American Psychological Association Releases “Stress in America” Report

usa map with pie chart and bar graph superimposed

The American Psychological Association (APA) just released its annual “Stress in America” report. The report is based on an online survey commissioned by APA as part of its Mind/Body Health campaign that examines stress in the United States and its impact. The survey’s goal is to identify primary sources of stress, common behaviors used to manage it and its impact on lives, in addition, to measuring attitudes and perceptions of stress among the general public. The survey conducted shows that the majority of people in the country stress over money and finances. In particular, parents, women, young adults, and those with lower incomes report higher levels of stress than previous years. Dr. Linda Gallo, professor of Psychology at SDSU, has been involved in the “Stress in America” efforts for a number of years, and this year served as the academic consultant on the study and report. Follow this link to read the full report:


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