“A new worry for smokers’ families: ‘Thirdhand smoke'”

Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News Published 1:22 p.m. ET April 17, 2017

Michael Miller, far right, and his wife Jill spend time with his family participating on football, baseball and basketball teams. He says his children, from left, Max, Brody and Brynn often remind him that his smoking habit is dangerous to his health. (Photo: Janice Miller)

“Michael Miller, 44, does what most smokers do to protect his sons and daughter from the fumes of his Marlboro Ultra Lights. He takes it outside.

After his 7 a.m. coffee, he walks out of his home in Cincinnati to smoke his first cigarette of the day. Then, as a branch manager of a road safety construction company, he smokes dozens more on street curbs.

The tobacco never appears when Miller is coaching on the baseball or football field, or when he’s in the car with his children. But when he’s alone on the road, he sometimes rolls the windows down and lights up.

“I know [cigarettes are] bad,” Miller said. “I know I need to quit.”

New findings highlight the scientific community’s efforts to identify potential dangers of another byproduct of cigarettes that may slip past Miller’s precautions and affect his kids: “thirdhand smoke.”

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