Dr. CastanadaDonna Castañeda, Ph.D





Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
Imperial Valley Campus
720 Heber
Calexico, CA 92231-09021

Phone: (760)768-5586
On Campus Phone: 65586
E-Mail: dcastaneda@sdsu.edu

Research Interests- My work focuses on the role of gender and ethnicity in close relationships; health promotion in Latina/o communities; and how characteristics of service delivery systems influence the provision of health and mental health services.

Close Relationships, Health, and Mental Health Lab-Research in this lab focuses on aspects of various types of close relationships, such as dating, marriage, and friendship relationships, and how they affect relationship functioning, health, and mental health. Some of the specific aspects of relationships we examine include marital satisfaction, sexuality, intimate partner violence, and cultural factors, e.g., acculturation, acculturative stress, and familism. We examine these issues within the individual, across partners (dyadic effects), as well as how these issues play out over time.

Curriculum Vitae