Allyson Masters and Maggie Friend photo

Allyson Masters and mentor Maggie Friend

Allyson Masters photo

Congratulations to Allyson Masters, a master student in the SDSU Department of Psychology who was awarded the Becky Award for her thesis entitled: “Characteristics of Parent-Child Engagement in Spanish- and English- Speaking Dyads.”

She is now beginning her doctoral study under Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

The Bryson-Kissinger family established the Rebecca Bryson-Kissinger Memorial Award in 2000 to honor the memory of their former faculty colleague, who for many years served as the Department’s graduate adviser.  The award, affectionately known as the “Becky,” is given to the master’s student in the Department of Psychology whose thesis has been selected as the best from among those submitted during that academic year.

Thank you to the members of the selection committee Dr. Jeff Conte, Dr. Ksenija Marinkovic, and and Dr. Jennifer Thomas. Congratulations to both Allyson Masters and her mentor Maggie Friend!