Dr. Jillian Wiggins Photo Jillian Lee Wiggins, Ph.D
Associate Professor

Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
6363 Alvarado Ct., Ste 250
San Diego, CA 92120
Mail Code 1863

Phone: 619-594-2188
Website: http://tendlab.sdsu.edu
E-Mail: jillian.wiggins@sdsu.edu

Research Interests: We study brain activation patterns involved in typical and impaired socio-emotional development (for example, social interaction with other people, reading people’s emotions, reacting to people’s facial expressions). In particular, we are interested in understanding factors (e.g., genetics, social, family) that affect brain function in children and adolescents without disorders, in addition to youth with autism, depression, anxiety, and irritability symptoms. To accomplish this, we use functional MRI, functional connectivity, genetic, behavioral, and neuropsychological tools. Dr. Wiggins is happy to talk with any interested students about these research topics.

Lab: Translational Emotion Neuroscience Laboratory (TENDlab)

Research Keywords
Brain imaging, development, autism spectrum disorder, irritability, anxiety, depression, functional MRI, connectivity, emotion, affect, social function, childhood, adolescence

Dr. Wiggins is currently accepting entering MA and JDP (PhD) students


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*student author