Elva Arredondo, Ph.D





Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
San Diego State University
Office Location: 9245 Sky Park Ct. #221, San Diego, CA 92123 

Phone: (619) 594-3481
E-Mail: earredon@sdsu.edu

Research Interests: Family and community based interventions promoting physical activity and cancer screening; health disparities; chronic disease prevention; dissemination and implementation science.

Dr. Arredondo’s research is in the area of health disparities. Her research focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of multilevel interventions that improve the health of ethnic and sexual minorities and socially/economically disadvantaged communities. As Co-Lead of the Intervention Methods Group in HealthLINK, Dr. Arredondo supports researchers seeking to develop new or adapt existing evidence-based interventions for different populations and settings. Currently, Dr. Arredondo and her team are pilot testing the effectiveness of a 12-week mother-daughter intervention (Conmigo) promoting physical activity in pre-adolescent Latinas compared to a control condition.  Dr. Arredondo’s overarching goal is to translate and scale up evidence based interventions that promote physical activity and cancer screening in diverse communities.