Blashillsmall_original Aaron Blashill, Ph.D

Department of Psychology
College of Sciences
6363 Alvarado Ct., Ste. 103

Phone: 619-594-2245

Research Interests
Body image and health behaviors (HIV medication adherence, sexual risk, indoor/outdoor tanning, anabolic-androgenic steroid misuse), with a particular focus on sexual orientation health disparities.

Body Image, Sexuality, and Health (BISH) Lab
Under the direction of Aaron J. Blashill, Ph.D., the BISH lab focuses its research on the role body image plays in influencing health behaviors. We are particularly interested in studying HIV medication adherence, HIV sexual transmission risk behaviors, skin cancer prevention, and anabolic-androgenic steroid misuse. Another focus of the lab is studying sexual orientation health disparities in regard to these health behaviors. We also study vulnerable developmental phases, including adolescence and emerging adulthood. A number of scientific methods/statistical analyses are employed within the lab including: treatment development and randomized clinical trials, longitudinal analysis, mediation, moderation, meta-analysis, and psychometric evaluation.