Arjan Van Der Star Photo

Arjan Van Der Star, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Research Assistant Professor

Research interests: Sexual orientation-based and gender identity-based mental health disparities; minority stress; structural stigma; systems of oppression; social epidemiology.

Office or Lab: 6363 Alvarado Court, Ste. 101       Phone: (929) 217-5318
Office hours: by appointment

Dr. Arjan van der Star (he/him) is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at San Diego State University. As a social epidemiologist and public health researcher, his research primarily focuses on the mental health of sexual and gender minority populations. More specifically, Dr. Van der Star studies the complex mechanisms underlying sexual orientation-based and gender identity-based mental health disparities by examining 1) how sexual and gender minority stigma and related stressors may explain disparities in mental health, 2) how such stigma may operate within a multi-level socio-ecological system surrounding sexual and gender minorities, and 3) how stigma-related factors may interact across these various levels of sexual and gender minority stigma. Through his research, Dr. Van der Star aims to further the theoretical understanding of what drives and causes adverse mental health among sexual and gender minorities, to inform effective policies on how to reduce the risk for such adverse mental health outcomes, but also, by illuminating the mechanisms underlying the link between sexual and gender minority stigma and poor mental health, to inform affirming psychotherapy tailored for sexual and gender minorities.