SDSU professor Marty Sereno directs the SDSU MRI imaging center and studies human brain maps.  He just published a colorful new downloadable parcellation of areas in the human cortex that contain visual, auditory, or somatosensory (touch) maps.  Areas with maps cover almost half of the entire human cortex. But what might be going on in the other half of the cortex without obvious maps? Read the paper “Topological maps and brain computations from low to high” to find out. 

Link to full article:


Here are some direct links to the colorful pics and movies 

Cortical areas parcellation (pic)

Mapping data supporting parcellation (pic)

Parcellation and data on rotating folded brain (movie)

Parcellation and data on inflated folded brain (movie)

Mapping data for each area, one at a time, on flattened left/right hemispheres (movie)